Excitement builds for Narnia Sculptures for our C.S. Lewis Square...

Last Saturday (28th November) we went on a Bus Trip to Burt, Donegal to visit local artist, Maurice Harron who is creating the sculptures for the C.S. Lewis Square.
The trip was part of this year’s C.S. Lewis Festival and included a visit to the famous Grianan of Aileach fort. Attendees also got a glimpse of the art sculptures that are being created for our C.S. Lewis Square.
While we were there, Maurice welcomed us into his foundry to hear how the art sculptures are made and his interpretation of the seven characters from Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia. We also heard a little more about each of the characters and their role in The Chronicles…
(Top image; Maurice speaking to attendees in his foundry. Bottom image; Maugrim - one of the seven sculptures revealed during the visit...)
Maurice also explained how Aslan, Mr Tumnus, Mr and Mrs Beaver and the Robin are moulded in clay and cast in a mixture of bronze and bronze plate. Aslan will be the biggest of the sculptures at 3 metres high and will overlook the C.S. Lewis Square from the top of a raised Scottish Whinston Wall. The broken stone table where he met his fate at the hands of the White Witch has been constructed from Co. Down granite. The White Witch and her head of secret police, the wolf Maugrim, who will both be finished in stainless steel.
The sculptures will be located on drumlins within the Square, and enhanced with seasonal planting and individual LED lighting similar to that already in place at another key Greenway location, the Sam Thompson Bridge in Victoria Park.
Maurice who is also known for his acclaimed Reconciliation/Hands Across The Divide sculpture in Derry/Londonderry, said he was delighted to take on the challenge of recreating the magic of the Narnia books right on C.S. Lewis's own doorstep.
"These artworks will be central to the civic square and will provide a fitting tribute to one of Belfast's most famous sons," he added. "Their locations will reflect each character's role in the story, inviting visitors to 'turn the page' as they explore this new space."
The new Square which is currently under construction is just a short walk from The Searcher Sculpture by Ross Wilson, which sits outside the library at Holywood Arches Library depicting C.S. Lewis and Diggory Kirke opening the wardrobe door.
It is estimated that the pieces could be in place in the Square by late summer next year, creating an eye-catching focal point in the area.The space is also expected to host outdoor performances, markets and other events when it opens in late 2016.
Street furniture, interpretative signage and landscaping will also feature in the Square, which will eventually link the Greenway sections already completed at Victoria and Orangefield Parks with works currently underway at Mersey Street, Orby Road and other locations across the east of the city.
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