Rivers Agency commence interim flood alleviation works at Orangefield Park

Further interim flood alleviation works at Orangefield Park have commenced.

Rivers Agency has started work to lower the level of disused land beside the park to create a ponding area for flood storage during periods of heavy rain. This will help reduce the risk of flooding to houses in the area in advance of the flood alleviation works to be carried out as part of the CCG project.

Belfast City Council has already removed a strip of trees either side of the Orangefield Lane entrance and the construction of an additional culvert is due to commence shortly. The entrance at Orangefield Lane will be closed while the work is carried out and the nearest alternative entrance is at Dunraven Park.

For further information on tree removal please call Lee McArdle on 028 9032 0202 extension 6283. For further information on Rivers Agency works please call 028 9025 3355.